14 Questions to ask a Tour Leader

  1. What is the best bit about being a tour leader in Croatia?

The best bit about being a tour leader in Croatia is that I meet a lot of wonderful people. It’s great to experience different personalities, varied life stories and your regional accents. I also get to do this while spending time in my favourite way, doing outdoor activities. I’m one of the lucky few people that got to do the job they truly love.

  1. Why do families from UK and Ireland travel to Croatia for an adventure holiday?

I think Croatia became a very popular tourist destination in the last few years thanks to the affordable prices of food, transport, accommodation etc. and of course people who’ve been here are often amazed by the incredible natural beauty of Croatia. For families looking for an authentic adventure holiday experience it is ideal, as flights are short, Croatia is very safe and Croatian people are very warm. Many families who have been on our activity holidays spread the word to their families, friends and beyond, which in turn attracts even more people to visit.

  1. Are activities suitable for both parents and their children?

All of the activities are suitable for families. You’ll be having fun in pristine nature, all the while accompanied by experts for each individual activity to ensure safety. It’s important to note that our family adventure holidays in Croatia are not a boot camp; we like to offer a good balance of chill and thrill time! Teenagers especially love being kept active and parents love the fact that they see their children bonding & laughing without their phones.

Croatia adventure week for families

  1. What would you say is the best activity?

It is difficult to pick just one activity. If I’m Tour Leading in Podstrana or Trogir, then maybe River Tubbing. It’s so much fun spinning around and flowing through the rapids. If I’m Tour Leading on Brac Island, maybe I’d say SUP Boarding. Standup paddle boarding is the fastest growing sport in the world and I’m so proud to say Green World Holidays was the first to offer this experience in Croatia.

  1. Can you teach us a local word or expression that will come in useful in Croatia?

“Hvala”, which means thanks, and “fala lipa” which roughly translates to thank you very much, is definitely the most useful thing you should learn. Also, “dobar dan”, which means good day, and “pivo” which means beer, because you never know when you might need it?!

  1. What is the most unexpected thing that has ever happened to you as a tour leader in Croatia?

One time during a cycling activity we got caught up in a thunderstorm – very unusual for Croatia at that time of the year. The rain was pouring down on us, there was lightning and thunder, and I thought it was a disaster and feared that our guests will be angry, dissatisfied and frustrated, basically that their day will be ruined. But we found shelter in a local café, ordered tea and coffee, ate homemade fritters and just enjoyed hanging. We got the playing cards out and improvised and in the end everyone had a big smile on their face and thought it was a unique experience! Often the unexpected events are the ones we remember most fondly!

  1. What kind of traveler would you recommend this trip for?

I would recommend this trip to families who want an adventure, who want to get to know other people from different generations and who want to meet local Croatian people who are anything but ordinary. Also, if you love untouched natural beauty, a slow unhurried lifestyle and small towns, then this is the ideal trip for you. Green World Holidays prides itself on the human touch and showing you the very best places. We like to choose the path less travelled and I think our families really appreciate this.

Zip lining in Omis close to Split

  1. Has there ever been a situation where you’ve been afraid?

No, not on an activity at least. There was one time when a group of teenagers on their last night of stay in Croatia picked me up during dinner and threw me into the swimming pool, but I was afraid only because I had my favorite shoes on.

  1. Can you describe some of the best sensory experiences on this trip?

I would say that one of the best sensory experiences, not only on this trip but in my entire life, was zip-lining across the Cetina river canyon. Seeing the river bed on your right side and the beautiful seaside town of Omiš on the left side where the river Cetina meets the sea whilst zipping through the air at I don’t know how many miles per hour is just amazing.

  1. How do you like to relax in Croatia when you aren’t working?

When I’m not working I spend my free time doing activities similar to the ones I do while I’m working.  Besides that, I read, study and try to spend a lot of quality time with my family. I also love to travel and I’m on an ever-lasting quest to find a place more beautiful than Croatia. Sadly, I haven’t managed to find it yet.

  1. What is the toughest bit of the trip?

The toughest bit is saying goodbye. One week seems like a short amount of time at first but it’s more than enough time for my heart to grow fond of the people I’m with. Just as I start to get used to their company, habits, laughter and talks they leave. It’s also hard to see the children and teenagers from different families saying goodbye to each other after a week of playing together and doing all the activities together. It sounds a cliché but each week we form a family unit and its always a special privilege to experience this.

Teenager family activity holiday in Split area

  1. What three things are most important to have in your daypack for this trip?

Sunscreen, water, and gummy bears (those who’ve been to a canyoning activity will know what I’m talking about).

  1. Holidays are precious time for people, but a job for you. What is the most precious time you have had with your visitors?

The great thing about our family activity weeks in Croatia is we span a wide range of ages from early teens through to older teenagers; right through to parents and even grandparents on occasions. For me it was an endless source of new experiences.Some of the most precious times I’ve had were being taught by girls from one of the groups how to play some game that’s played with spoons (Brett, Marija, Barisa maybe you know the name of the game?) in which I was the biggest loser; then playing table tennis in couples where I’ve had a bit more luck than in the spoon game; and hanging out with moms from a group while having a glass of wine or a pint of beer in a local pub (yes, we did that too! Like I say we get very close; we care and we have a lot of fun along the way!)

14. Is Croatia a safe place for allergy sufferers? 

Croatia offers 100% none-GM food. The cuisine style is mediterranean with a range of meat and fish dishes. As well as local dishes Croatia is also influenced by Italian and Austrian cuisine. A useful allergy resource when travelling abroad is:




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