Summer family adventure holidays

summer family activity holidays

Nature is our playground, so lets enjoy it !

We create amazing summer family activity holidays for like minded families in Croatia, Slovenia, Iceland, Turkey, Greece and Morocco. If your family loves the outdoors, nature and experiencing the real essence of a country, then discover our adventure holidays today. Our family active holidays are not made for mass tourism, as we offer authentic, fun and sociable activity holidays for teenagers and brave parents.

We always aim to have low impact on the environment we are operating in, and always employ local staff where possible. Running our programs with green footprints is essential to our companies name and values.

Be confident in the knowledge that Green World Holidays is a leading adventure company for summer active teenager holidays. We’re passionate about creating adventures that bond parents and kids whilst enjoying memorable activities. Some of our top suggestions can be seen below for this summer. They are our best sellers, as they combine the winning formula to keep those restless teens engaged and happy. If you stay for a week, we’ll show off the highlights to the region, whilst combining various activities. If enjoying a 2 week adventure holiday exciting and adrenalin-fuelled sports will be interspersed with more relaxation, and options to explore your chosen country even more deeply.

By choosing a family activity holiday you will discover the level of quality time you spend with your children will surpass any other holiday you have tried in the past. Start the day with a new challenge, and end the day amongst the sounds of clinking wine glasses and happy teenage chatter. If you’re looking for summer adventures for family sport enthusiasts, then please continue to browse our website for more ideas!

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