Husky Safari


Experience true isolation with a husky trip

Husky dog holidays provide a great way to experience the innate beauty of arctic scenery, while also enjoying a truly unique style of travel. On a husky adventure you will have the chance to view some incredible landscapes. Frozen lakes and snow covered pine trees will grace your route as you travel at a steady pace through vast uninhabited terrain. If you are someone who wants a real stripped down getaway far from the stresses and strains of city life, then a husky safari in Norway could be the perfect choice for you.

Popular with our guests, have been our Finland dog sledding holidays, which are about as far from civilization as you can get, providing a real sense of isolation and connection to pristine nature. Furthermore, our activity company provides a range of Lapland husky holidays that can cater for different needs and ages. For winter family holidays we can we provide day tours which can be mixed into a winter multi-activity holiday experiences, and for adults, we can offer dedicated departures for mushing across vast remote areas above the Arctic Circle.

So if you’re looking for a true husky adventure holiday to stay in the wilderness and ride your own pack of howling dogs, we are at the ready to help you. Call our friendly team today!

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