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teenager activity holidays

Having fun together, from biking and rafting to sea kayaking and climbing !

The definition of the word ‘Teenager’ in the Oxford living dictionary is: “A person aged between 13 and 19 years”

Hmmmm that’s probably the most simple definition for possibly the most complicated period in our lives….!

Any parent who has teenage children or has been through the ‘teenage years’ will tell you these are normally the most difficult years for parents; and finding suitable family holidays that will keep even the most restless teenager happy is often extremely hard to achieve.

Here at Green World Holidays we are proud of the fact that we provide incredible teenage activity holidays in Europe; which are designed to combine authentic travel experiences with fun activities for the ‘whole’ family!

The wonderful feedback we receive from parents and teenagers each season; always reassures us we are still providing the right formula; which is basically an ideal balance of thrills & spills, sociability and chill time!

You’ll find many teenage summer holiday ideas on this page and throughout our website. This is what our company loves to dedicate itself too! We believe that by enjoying fun activities in pristine environments is a superb way to spend quality time as a family.

Our adventure holidays for teenagers are ideal for families in many ways but in case you need more convincing check out the our 5 key ingredients & best selling destinations below:

1) Our guides: Firstly you are always appointed with a dedicated guide for your group. Our guides are hand picked for their professionalism and companion-ability. Teenagers always gravitate to our guides and it takes the pressure off Mum and Dad in regards to laying down the rules as this is all the responsibility of our fully qualified guides. 

2) Sharing: Sharing the experience is another massive part of our teenager holidays. It means over lunch or dinner you can enjoy stories together and feel a sense of connection as you over-come challenges throughout your stay. [This is sharing in the traditional sense not the digital sense]

3) Cool Status: It goes without saying your ‘cool’ status (if indeed that is the right word to use these days) is undoubtedly going to reach new highs: a) for choosing a teenage adventure holiday and b) for taking part yourselves as a family unit.

4) Like-minded families: This type of holiday tends to attract like minded families and each year the social element is hard to put into words. Friendships are made and precious memories forged.

5) Teenage holiday departures: We have specific teenager activity holiday departure dates, which we encourage families with teenagers to travel on. That way we can help age match teenagers of similar ages; which in turn always creates a very sociable atmosphere both during the activity days and during the evenings.

In summary our ability to age match families with teenagers ultimately makes our holidays more fun for your teenagers and easier for parents! Its a formula which has been tried & tested for many generations!

For more info don’t hesitate to contact our experienced team today and we can help advise which holiday programs will suit your family best and we can also advise on age and gender matching possibilities.

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