Adventure vs Beach Holidays

Who doesn’t love looking up from a book to gaze at the sea’s horizon blending with the clear blue sky, toes grazing the soft sand, sipping on a refreshingly cold drink before getting lost once again in a gripping novel that has you turning the pages quicker than the sound of the waves? Sounds absolutely lovely. So what’s even better than that? Finding yourself in said relaxed state after having spent time with your family kayaking to the sea caves, hiking through lush mountains or cycling through scenic villages.

Croatia activity holidays for families

When it comes to planning your family holiday – the idea of lounging on a beach day after day is quite tempting but there are so many factors to consider especially with kids ages 10-18 in tow. One word: Adventure. It is important to find family adventure holidays in Europe and beyond that tick the boxes for both parents and teens. Factoring in fun activities into your holiday has immense benefits for the whole family. You will be creating memories and living experiences with your kids that hopefully will be remembered fondly in years to come. Being able to share and exchange stories at the end of each day and on the plane on the way home is surely what it’s all about. The shared activities and social aspect of adventure holidays really does connect families; which is invaluable.

active holidays for family Croatia

Another great element to teenager adventure holidays is their sociable settings – allowing families to connect with other like-minded people where kids (and parents) make new friends and forge new relationships.

With adventure holidays, you and your kids have the chance to challenge yourself or try something new whilst having fun – an opportunity to relish that you may not often get at home. Try stand-up paddle boarding with your teen and gloat when you stay up or laugh together when you fall off. Bring out your and your family’s more adventurous side and memories are made! And if you’re wondering to yourself ‘But when do I get to relax!?’ – don’t worry. It’s not all non-stop high-octane adventure. Guided adventure holidays like those provided by Green World Holidays don’t run like a boot camp. You and your kids can chill out as you please – picking and choosing when you want to get involved even though it won’t take much convincing to want to come out and play.

Book family activity holidays in Croatia and Slovenia

Family activity holidays in Croatia, for example, are a wonderful option. You have the perfect terrain for a diverse range of sports and activities that are sure to keep your teens (and you) more than interested. The beauty of Croatia is impalpable. It is nature at it’s finest with incredible beaches, dense green mountains, beautiful rivers and rugged coastlines. Who wouldn’t want to play in that? Lazing on the beach day in and out can be relaxing but an adventurous holiday brings about a different facet – a sense of fulfillment that makes settling down with a book (or rose) or having a quiet moment of reflection after a lively day even more satisfying for you and your family. Life is an adventure. Live your own in a chapter of your book.

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