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  • We will be asking for the approximate heights of all travellers in centimetres.
  • Date of birth of passengers will need to be provided.
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This person/s must be travelling on the booking. We require this information, in case the group leader is experiencing problems with their phone. Thank you!


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If you or any of the people travelling with you have any dietary requirements or food allergies, please provide us with as much detail as possible in the below text box. It is important to remind guests that we cannot guarantee a 100% nut/gluten/allergy free kitchen where food is included in the itinerary.


Health, behaviour & fitness

The safety of our guests is always our first priority, so it is vital we understand our clients challenges, injuries and fitness.

Our company needs to feel confident that we can provide the necessary support to your child/family/group and that we have the appropriately trained staff to create the necessary safety for everyone booked on our holidays.

Please keep in mind that you have not experienced our activity locations. Which means you cannot assess the route difficulties for yourself or for your children. If you are unsure about fitness or suitability to an activity, please call our friendly staff.

Instructions (Read carefully)

Please un-tick any statement box, that does NOT apply to you or a member of your group. If a box is ticked, please also add more information in the grey text box provided below the statements.


Age and Gender matching

If you book onto a Green World Holidays trip, we make no promises to match ages or genders of your children. This is completely out of our control.

Age and gender matching is not a perfect science, groups grow organically. You must appreciate that a family status can change, and we cannot control what family books on next after yours. As long as the minimum age requirement is met, families are allowed to book on.

We are always transparent about persons already booked onto our trip. You only have to call and ask us. In fact, you can ask as many times as you like. If available to our staff, we can inform you of: ages and genders of the group. We can also inform you whether there are other single parents, or couples already booked on a particular week.

On every trip page, you’ll find the minimum age requirement.

Please read the below statements carefully:

  1. I understand that Green World Holidays cannot control who will book next, after our family has booked on.
  2. I understand that Green World Holidays cannot control the ages, gender and demographic of a group.
  3. I understand that it's possible that a family could cancel or change the dates of their holiday.
  4. I understand that families can alter their Gender Status at any time of their booking.
  5. I understand that families can provide inaccurate information to us.
  6. I agree that Green World Holidays cannot be blamed for not perfectly matching your children’s age or gender.

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