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Eco friendly family adventures in Europe

By Theo

Life is about having fun & helping others along the way. Our eco friendly family adventure holidays in Croatia and Slovenia have many benefits.

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Great to know. Your holiday booking is helping others & is sustainable. Read on …

1. Local producers:

We only work with local restaurants; who are passionate about their local environment. The owners have invested interests in their local community and share the same goals as Green World Holidays. To deliver a personal service and to better the customers expectations. When our guests eat at these family owned restaurants, it’s helping the local economy. We never work with large corporate chain’s.

2. Charity work:

Wherever possible we support charities & initiatives which can make real ‘local’ change. For example – the local Green Sail charity promotes sustainable tourism along coastal communities. Green World Holidays donates £10 per person on behalf of your family to this charity – . Our Tour Leaders are all members of Beach Clean-up groups. They give up their personal time to clear beaches of rubbish, recycle plastic and to educate younger children at local schools. If a booked customer has a ‘live’ JustGiving charity page, we will donate to that charity.

Bringing families together, for amazing green active holidays
Enjoy our family active holidays, which are part of Responsible Travel.

3. Eco bags & bottles

On arrival we provide our families with ‘re-useable’ Eco bags for your daily shopping. We have produced re-useable ‘metal’ water bottles for our local team, so staff & guests can reduce their plastic usage. 

4. Education: 

Our staff are committed to raising the awareness of Eco-tourism throughout our industry by engaging with suppliers, guests & educating our staff. Since Green World Holidays was founded in 1999, Responsible Tourism has been at the heart of the adventures we offer.

5. Carbon offset:

Cars & planes produce CO2, which is a type of greenhouse gas that raises global temperatures. For every booking, we donate £25 per family to the ‘Cool Earth charity’. We also plant one olive tree per family on Brac island.

6. #Take10 Challenge

The #Take10 challenge was started in Split & has since gone international. The concept is simple – when you are out for a walk, take 10 pieces of rubbish, or take 10 minutes to clean up an area. We are proud to be active supporters of the #Take10 challenge. Make it part of your life, not just your holiday.

7. Local Economy 

Life & travel is about authenticity. When our families stay with us, they are face to face with the true culture of the destination. 98% of our staff are from the local area you are staying in with vested interests in their local economy, environment and communities!

jumping into the river
Enjoy incredible adventure experiences that have low or no impact on the environment. Look to the future and be green.

8. Low or no impact

All the activities we operate in nature are low or no impacting tours. We even collect and re-cycle along the way.

9. Tree planting

On behalf of each family that travels to Croatia, we plant one olive tree on Brac island. It’s a great way to reduce our carbon footprint. The olive tree planting charity has also created local jobs, that pay 35% above the minimum wage in Croatia.

10. Giving back

Giving back is very important to the staff at Green World Holidays. Last year approximately 240 hours were given by our staff to work in Homeless Shelters. Living is giving.

By the river with guests
Ask about availability for our family adventures. Places are very limited.