Family activity holiday in Slovenia; from a TEENAGERS perspective!

Family activity holiday in Slovenia; from a “Teenagers” perspective……..

We arrived in Ljubljana (I still cannot pronounce it right and it took me a long time to learn how to spell it) and we were picked up at the airport by the Green World Holidays rep after a short flight and driven to the hotel. After about a 15 minute drive we got to the hotel and unpacked our bags. The hotel was ideally located; right in the heart of the old town [all pedestrian streets) meaning we could go out and explore everywhere on foot. My sister and I found an amazing Ice cream place within about 10 minutes called “Ice Wave”; where they custom made your ice-cream. Needless to say we went back quite a few times during the week!

On the first night the Green World Holidays team organised a small walking tour of the city to help us get our bearings. The city reminded us of the town Far Far Away from the Shrek films, literally like something from a fairy tale with pretty spires and bright coloured castle like buildings, it was really nice! And that is saying something, I normally hate sightseeing!


After the orientation of Ljubljana our guides took us for a welcome meal at a lovely restaurant in the old town. This was really nice and it was the first time we had chance to meet the other families. Everyone we met was really nice and pretty much from the get go the kids sat together and parents got together. Straight away my sister and I were chatting to the other kids. I really liked the fact that there were actually kids of our age; I thought my mum and dad had just said there would be, just to drag us to some place we had never heard of!

I sat next to 2 brothers from Kent and we hit it off straight away. The common language of football always helps; although we all supported different teams! My sister and my parents were all getting to know the other families as well. We were told what we would be doing for the next day and what to expect; and that’s when it really sunk in: “we were on a family adventure holiday in Slovenia”; bring on the activities!

The upcoming week’s activities were Kayaking, White Water Rafting, Adventure Park, SUP Boarding, Crazy Olympics and Hiking. I didn’t know which one I was looking forward to the most!

So in the morning we got up and had some breakfast then met everyone in the hotel lobby. After another short drive, we arrived at the Kayaking start point. I had done Sea Kayaking before so knew the basics, and knew how much fun it was. After a short instruction guide, for the beginners we were under way and cruising down the river. There were some really ‘rushy’ waterfall drops’; which we all loved. Our guides ‘Rok’ and ‘Sasa’ were super cool and even managed to get my Mum down safely. Although I think she did enjoy their extra attention!


After an epic activity we stopped for a late lunch and we got to know the tour leaders a bit more, they were really cool and showed us how to do each activity safely and have the most fun doing it. They taught us how to do slack lining and we all just chilled out – playing cards, mini jenga and messing around in the cool river. It was a proper Huckleberry Finn moment.

After we got back from the day’s activity, we got changed at the hotel and went back into Ljubljana for more exploring. There were loads going on in the city, as it is the capital city of Slovenia, so every night we were spoilt for choice on what to do. In summer they have an arts festival running so lots of music, crafts, food markets and even an open air cinema in Ljubljana castle.

The 3rd day was definitely my favourite of the activity holiday. We went to an adventure park in the mountains. The day was full of different activities from high ropes to archery; but the highlight for me had to be the mountain go-kart racing (it helped that I beat my new mates). I have to mention my little sister as well, because she is terrified of heights but had a go on the high ropes (we were really proud of her) and I am pretty sure I saw her smiling, even though she says she was scared!

The next days flew by and involved white-water rafting, SUP boarding, visiting Lake Bled, doing a tough hike [at least we thought it was tough; but the local Slovenians seemed to do it with their toddlers] and we even visited an awesome water park on our free day.


White-water rafting was really good fun; again our guides were brilliant and my boat [the boys boat] were basically soaking anyone who came near us! Although we did have to work as a team (I think it was 7-8 people in a raft) and paddle and steer the raft downstream through the rapids. It went a lot faster than I expected it to go, but thanks to the team leaders who explained what to do, we managed to navigate the raft really well down the rapids. I have to admit I was a little bit nervous before we started, but once the team leaders gave instructions, and once I had the helmet and life jacket on, I felt very safe. I’m definitely going to try and do this with my mates back home in England.

The next day we started off in the morning hiking, but in the afternoon, came the real fun. We all went to a water park! It was a huge place with slides for the teenagers; saunas and Jacuzzi’s for the oldies and thermal pools inside and outside so something for everyone.

The last family activity day was spent doing Stand-Up Paddle Boarding. This activity was so good and it really surprised me as I thought it would be quite tame. It was way harder than I imagined and more technical but once you got the hang of it; it felt really good. We did various games but the funniest was when we linked our boards together and my Dad had to run around the boards in a circle; needless to say he got wet and even took Mikes mum in with him; it was hilarious.


After Sup boarding our tour guides organised a really nice BBQ for us; and while we were waiting for it to be prepared we played some basketball, football, swam in the river or chilled in the shade.

After the BBQ which was delicious we played parents vs. teenagers in a crazy Olympic games; needless to say we skooled them… New Skool rocks ha-ha ! When we walked back the sun was low in the sky and it was just one of those lovely moments; everyone so happy and chilled.

Before we left we all shared photos and videos on Whatsapp; Insta & Facebook and I’m still in touch with everyone. I really enjoyed our family adventure holiday in Slovenia. It’s a beautiful country and felt super safe, free and easy. The guides were very chilled and caring. I think my Mum and Sister particularly liked Jaka who was our main tour leader and I’m not sure it was because of his kayaking skills lol

So in summary I really do have to say ‘Thank you Mum and Dad and Green World Holidays as well, you did take me by surprise and I can’t wait for next year’s holiday now’.

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