Why do a family multi active week?

By Rachel

For families travelling in Europe, multi activity holidays offer the perfect fun of activities & family time. Try your first multi active week vacation.

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How quality is your family time?

Spending quality time with our children is essential. But easier said than done. ‘Quality’ is always negotiated by the distractions of work, school and Wi-Fi. So that’s why going on holiday is so very important.

family adventures in Slovenia and Croatia created by an award winning active travel company.
Jump in and join the fun. Treat the mind to some wonderful memories. 1 in 4 families say it was their best ever holiday.

Bonding with our kids, teaching and learning from each other is one of the most enriching experiences we can have. That’s why we became parents right? But bonding isn’t a guarantee.  

Kids become teenagers. Common grounds are lost. There are the barriers of social media. Hormones draw invisible battle grounds. Our energy levels move in different directions. Parents lose their right to be cool and your children just want to be around people their own age.

Relationships with our children, are a challenge. Ultimately a gift.  

family multi activity holidays in Europe.
Create your family story this summer with us. Rated 5 stars on FaceBook, Google, TripAdvisor, Responsible Travel and Trust Pilot. Thats a lot of stars.

I’ve now, got 3 grown up 20 something children. We all get on. We all love to hang out. We also still love to plan our annual multi activity holidays in Europe.

Our very first family active week was 20 years ago, which gave me the idea to create Green World Holidays. To combine my passion for travel and being with my husband and three kids. Successively we travelled to Croatia and Slovenia many times, to develop the family multi active holiday itineraries we offer today.

Sunny days of Croatia, perfect for family active vacations
Summers in Croatia mean blue skies meet blue seas.

Even today, many years on Croatia is still the buzz word at the school gate. I read about Brac, Hvar island, Dubrovnik and Split all the time. I can’t open a glossy travel magazine without seeing the pristine Croatian islands. My eldest ‘24’ years old now, annually goes to music festivals across the Dalmatia coastline.

We are so proud to be a multilingual company. A combination of English, Slovenian and Croatian staff. Pulling together with one objective. To give our guests an incredible adventure. For pure water based activities, then we recommend: Croatia, Canyons, Sea & Rivers. This family water sports holiday in Croatia is an award winning trip. We follow the water source from canyon to sea.

Families canyoning on an active week
Meet like-minded families.

To mix watersports and land activities, we suggest you try either our Brac island adventure, which is close to Split. Or head to Ljubljana, for our family multi adventure in Slovenia.

Multi activity holidays are brilliant

Multi activity holidays are brilliant in that they can provide something for everybody. They are all inclusive and non-competitive. There are no over powering alpha parents or children on our trips, as we all pull together.

These are small groups, taking on big experiences together. From fast flowing river rapids to adrenaline pumping mountain karts, we aim to bring thrills and spills to our guests. Our active weeks in Croatia and Slovenia, promise that elusive bonding time. 

Teenagers jumping off the boat, during a family active holiday in Croatia
Jump in. It’s time to start your family story…

If you want your teenagers to escape the hum-drum of routers and trappings of signal strength, then join our multi adventure weeks. If searching for a 14 night itinerary, we can recommend 2 trips in Croatia. Most popularly booked is the 2 week Big Adventure, where you can share your time with other families. For a private 2 week trip, try our private family tour.

As a parent it’s amazing to see how children grow, with human (not digital) connection. Teenagers will listen attentively to tour leader’s. They will actually enjoy walking historical streets of Split and Ljubljana

Try local foods in Croatia and Slovenia as part of a family adventure holiday
Go where the locals eat and try amazing authentic dishes.

Just watch as they try regional foods, engage with locals and push their own boundaries. New heights & depths will be found, because they’ll be with their peers. They’ll also be with their parents.

To remember a sincere moment of kindred connection, is worth the plane ticket alone. Make time to disconnect and re-join the real world. Join us this summer. You can even join us this February half term for our annual ski safari in Slovenia.