Am I fit enough for a family activity holiday?

Hi there, I’m Jelena. I’m also a senior tour leader for Green World Holidays and a sales & support manager, dealing with day–to-day enquiries. In this article I would like to share a typical conversation I have with many parents.


Like many parents, when Lisa first enquired to Green World Holidays, she was concerned about fitness – ‘Will she be able to keep up with her teenagers & other parents???’

Lisa had found our two adventure bases after researching the best places for water sports in Croatia and she liked the idea of being involved in a sociable atmosphere.

Lisa: “Do you think an activity holiday is the right for a mum of three? I don’t have much time myself to get to the gym these days!”

Me (Jelena): “If you have three teenagers running around, we believe you’re already an active mum. But all joking aside, our family activity holidays offer the right balance of adventure & relaxation. It’s all about the family spending time quality together, being in nature and bringing other kids & parents of similar ages and backgrounds together.”


Lisa: “But is it purely sport focused? My eldest children are very sporty but the younger one is more academic!”

Me: “Our Croatia adventure vacations are not just holidays to do all kinds of fun stuff like white water rafting, river tubing, sea kayaking etc… It offers way more than that! You’ll discover Unesco old towns, stunning harbours, rolling hills, quaint villages, local foods, feel the culture and traditions of Dalmatian life and meet alot of great characters. It’s family bonding time, but away from busy tourist resorts.”

Lisa: “Would I benefit from getting to the gym, before this active holiday in Croatia?”

Me: “You don’t have to be a marathon runner to book our active holidays, you don’t have to be able to cycle 100 miles and sprint on an uphill. But you do have to like nature, like outdoor sports and water sports, be able to swim and enjoy challenges. As that’s what it’s all about.”

Lisa: “Ok, good to know. I’m certainly not waiting by the phone for the GB Squad, for Toyko 2020!”

Me: “Before booking, you will always be able to talk to a staff member who has experienced the holiday and they will explain which adventure is best fit for your family. It’s always best to discuss your level of fitness and any other physical challenges you have with our team, prior to booking.”


Lisa: “On a different note. I know your company is very nature orientated, but my kids will demand internet connectivity. Is that catered for?”

Me: “Yes. All our accommodation’s offer Wifi. So sharing their amazing pictures of Tubing and white water rafting can be daily posted on their Snap Chats and Instagram profiles. It’s actually worth sharing our Social profiles with the kids. Our videos on YouTube are High Definition and will give you a great insight into the fun that awaits you.”

Lisa: “Great to know. You know how teenagers are Jelena. It’s Wifi before bread and water!”

Me: “It’s actually quite fascinating, to see how little time the teens are hunched over their screens. Parents definitely feel the difference of bonding time with their children doing activities like rafting and canyoning verses previous holidays they’ve done. That’s why on all our activity holidays for families not only do parents enjoy the activities but often they want to try more as the week goes on!

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