Green capital of Europe

Slovenia is the Green capital of Europe, and the country’s capital ‘Ljubljana’ is flying the Eco-friendly flag high in the air.

Why Slovenia? Well, if you like nature and adventure you’ve just found your next holiday destination. Let me explain why:

When you first arrive in Slovenia you will immediately notice how pristine everywhere is. From the villages, to the high-ways and from the mountains to the lakes you will constantly pinch yourself.  “I’m in a postcard!”

As well as offering pristine nature, ideal for active tourism it is also an extremely safe country and an extremely hospitable country. For families looking to do an multi adventure holiday in Europe, Slovenia is a true gem.

Slovenia is also one of those rare ‘all year round’ destinations, whether you want to visit it during the summer or winter time it really does offer a great range of active pursuits. Green World Holidays is a company dedicated to sustainable and active-tourism and we are proud to work and operate in Slovenia.

One of our summer based was recently awared ‘GREEN CAPITAL of EUROPE’  status. Ljubljana is one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the world and when you visit you will feel and see it for yourselves. During the summer months Ljubljana runs its annual arts & culture festival offering an array of family friendly events.

From live music & live sports, through to the outstanding world food market on Fridays as well as the atmospheric opena air cinema up at the castle…. Even the most guarded teenagers will have to admit this is not just a ‘Green’ city but also a ‘cool’ one J

From the moment you land in Slovenia, you will be enchanted by the beautiful nature and the hospitality of the locals. During the entire time, you will also be in the safe hands of our guides, they will make sure that you and your kids have a great and memorable time on our Slovenia family adventure week

You will share this experience with other like-minded families, and you can be sure that you will go home with new friendships. We will start the week with a kayaking trip on the Krka river, where you will have chance to navigate 7-8 tufas [mini waterfalls] ranging in size from 1m to 3m. 

Waterfalls of Slovenia

Parents be assured you can do this; our holidays are fun but not extreme; a moderate level of fitness is required; you don’t need to be an Olympian; but of course  Olympians are welcome too!

After kayaking we normally take you to a traditional restaurant by the river for some great local cuisine and a chance to relax. You can play in the river; try your skills on our slack line, play frisbee, have your own huckleberry finn moments or simply chill in the shade of a willow tree. 

The next day we take you in the gondola upto Krvavec adventure park where you can test your skills on an array of activities including mountain go-karts, high ropes, tubing andarchery. Many guests say the mountain go-karts are there favourite; they are really fast and fun. Make sure to use your brakes please!!

However the highlight of the week for many kids and parents is the trip to Lake Bled and white water rafting on the gorgeous Sava river before hand. Lake Bled is one of the most picturesque places in Slovenia and this place is literally just like heaven. Our guides will take you to a special view spot where you can really enjoy the views and of course we will make time for a swim or a sun-bathe or both [as you wish]. 

The last activity we will do together will be SUP boarding down the Ljubljanica river.  Stand up paddle boarding is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and it’s a great sport as its accessible for complete beginners and experienced boarders. Today we will have a lot of fun as well as showing you some cool techniques to turn you into a SUP boarding master!

When we finish with the water sports activities just be ready for the craziest Olympic games in history hosted by the Green World Holidays team, this will drag out the kid in you no matter how serious you think you are.  Parents vs teenagers, what could go wrong? J

rafting in Slovenia
White water rafting fun, as part of a multi activity holiday

As well as showing you Slovenias outstanding nature sports and introducing various activities to you; you will also have time for yourselves; its not a boot camp we want you all to go home feeling re-energised. However if you want to see more of Slovenia below are some more recommendations.

We highly recommend a trip to Lake Bohinj, the green oasis in the heart of Triglav National park. It’s a very special place. Here you can hike, bike and swim. For adventurous teens you may also want to try the Vogel zip line. 

If you are limited on time a lovely hike not far from Ljubljana is a hike up to Smarna Gora where you can breath taking views of the valley where Ljubljana is located.  

If you want something bit lazier after all of our adventures, we recommend a day in the  Atlantis water park offering indoor and outdoor pools, jacuzzis, hammans etc… the kids tend to play on the slides so parents can escape for a deserved rest.

Another great place is the swimming pool centre Kolezija. As with everything in Slovenia its a superb clean facility offering an olympic size pool. It’s a great place to swim and also chill, there are plenty of sun beds and garden areas. In the same place there is also a nice recreational area with a basketball court, table tennis and a bar for the parents. 

For something fun and different try a visit to the  Museum of Illusions;   its a unique experience and suitable for all generations, the mind can trick you in the most amazing ways and if you don˙t believe us go there and see for yourselves.

Lately, Escape rooms are becoming more and more popular and in the centre of Ljubljana you can find  MindMazeEnigmarioumand the Key Rooms whichare great experiences for families with teenagers and a lot of fun for a small group of new friends. Try to make a competition out of it and see who will do the dishes for the next month ( parents vs kids).

Slovenia is also a ‘bike friendly’ country and so is Ljubljana. You can rent bikes in many locations and explore the city on two wheels, the local government is encouraging people to do this and the old town is closed to traffic making it easy for cyclists to explore. 

Like this, they will make Ljubljana even more environmentally friendly and this encourages people to be more active and aware that nature is our playground and that we have to cherish it, great for the tourists but also for the locals. 

cycling holidays in Slovenia

Green Hills  is a local company that we warmly recommend not just for bike rentals ( they also have e-bikes in their offer) but also for bike tours so join them on one of their gorgeous tours and explore hidden trails of Slovenia. Find their tours here:

Talking about all of these adventures and not mentioning any food and wine in Slovenia wouldn´t be very thorough or professional from ourside, so this is the reason why we also recommend going on a  food tour in Ljubljana. Get familiar with the local Slovenian cuisine and also fall in love with their wine.  Food tour Ljubljana is a company that will show you the best that Slovenia has to offer culinary wise and they will make sure that you enjoy every minute of the tour and that you come back to your hotel in a highly contented state.

foodie tours in Ljubljana
Join a food tour

One of the interesting things is also the food market that takes place every friday where the Open Kitchen event takes place. From mid of March to October every friday chefs from Slovenia & beyond cook on the food market presenting different methods of food preparation and also showcasing food from around the world. All of this is accompanied by live music, and we truly belive that this is a beautiful experience.

Summer time is a great  time to be in Slovenia and Ljubljana especially because the city is bustling from events on every corner.The Ana Desetnica Street Theatre Festival changes the streets of Ljubljana and turning them into a open air stage where people can participate in performances. Cultural life is very rich with numerous music festivals and open-air jazz concerts but also a  cinema under the stars is a magical experience.

There are many things to do in Ljubljana and in the nearby area and these are just some of the things that we warmly recommend while you stay on your holidays in this still undiscovered paradise.

As your Slovenia family activity holiday comes to the end you will be sad that you need to go back home. You can be sure that you won´t regret a single moment in Slovenia, who knows maybe you will decide to come back for our awesome  half term ski safari. Whether you visit in summer or winter we will be glad to host you. 

Slovenia is a gem that still needs to be discovered, so why wait any longer. Choose our adventure family package and trust us, you and your teenagers will cherish these moments for the rest of your lives.

family activity holidays in Slovenia

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