It is little wonder Croatia is such a sought after activity destination for travelers. The landscapes are captivating, the secluded pristine beaches and the crystal waters are simply sublime & the local people warm-hearted. Croatia is still a largely undiscovered tourist destination which gives visitors a freedom to explore, enjoy amazing activities as well as offering a feeling of exclusivity.

There are many exciting Croatia family adventure holiday itineraries available for you to browse. From the inland rivers which are perfect for canoeing, canyoning & rafting through to the serene Croatian islands which offer activities such as sea kayaking, climbing, windsurking and more.

Croatia is a popular choice for family activity holidays as the flights are only 2.5 hrs from the UK and climate is reliably warm. It is also offers a plethora of exciting activities making it suitable for families with Teenagers too. Teenager activity holidays in Europe need to offer that difficult blend of fun & relaxation for the whole family. Our Croatia programs really deliver on these fronts and assisted byour experienced local tour leaders the social aspect of this adventure holidays should not be under estimated.

So to summarise if you are looking for stunning nature, fun activities, authentic food & experiences then Croatia is for you!


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