Practically the most awe inspiring location in the world, Egypt needs little introduction when it can boast itself as home to the majestic River Nile, Giza Pyramids and Mr Tutankhamen himself. The major players in this world have all had a part to play in Egypt’s endless and fascinating histories. Roman, Arab, Greek and Christian empires work in harmony to carve out this astounding location, where legends and myth come to life.

Cairo depicts these histories with an unchanged landscape. What at first appears to be a living and exciting theatre is simply modern day city life, enveloping the spirit of the Egypt. The city of Aswan continues further south, where ancient burials, historical Gods and Reigning Pharaohs can be discovered. It is here the River Nile can be fully taken advantage of and must be done by felucca, a traditional Egyptian sailing boat!

The Desert wilderness also awaits our Green World Holiday adventurers. Here you can enjoy some overnight camping, an unforgettable experience for solos travelers, couples and adventurous families. Top this off with a camel riding expedition and your laughing all the way to Egyptian heaven.

Finally, you cannot leave the borders until visiting the oldest and most preserved Seven Wonders of the World, The Pyramids of Giza, with the colossal Sphinx ready to greet and inspire you. Egypt undoubtedly offers the most mysterious in architectural human triumph; topped with a seductive and friendly welcome, you will surely treasure this cryptic and fascinating destination.

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