Whatever the season, Finland offers a wonder land for all types of activity holiday seekers. Winter brings the most traditional and magical of aspects of Christmas to life. Miles of snowy wilderness provide the perfect setting for a true adventure. Meet Santa Claus himself after discovering his real residence deep in Lapland.

Greet his reindeer and even try your hand at husky sledding across glistening frozen lakes. The real treasure in Finland has to be discovering the truly magnificent aurora borealis, where the Northern Lights shimmer like nothing you have seen before. Your choice of accommodation equally captivates the uniqueness of winter in Finland. Choose from guesthouses, comfy log cabins, 3¬†magnificent snow hotel’s [with sculptured ice bedrooms & rooms] or even boutique¬†glass igloos if you would like to try something truly unique.

In summer, Finland offers the extreme opposite in weather, yet the beauty does not falter. The winter wilderness turns into scenic landscape, with beautiful sleeping lakes, waiting for our guests to explore by canoe. Enchanted forests wait to be discovered, whilst the sun holds out until midnight for you to truly enjoy summer at its fullest.

Whichever season you travel, Finland definitely has something special to offer you and makes for a memorable activity holiday. We provide romantic breaks for adults and family adventure holidays in Norway please contact our experienced team today!

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