The ultimate gem of the North, Iceland is drenched in geysirs, glaciers, icebergs and volcanic craters. It is a geographic phenomenon, which will surly impress and inspire. With specialist guidance, you will discover the most amazing waterfalls, hot springs and the wild terrain of the South Central region.

It is here you can try your hand at trekking, mountain biking, whale watching and capturing all the active wonder that Iceland has to offer. Similarly, your visit to the capital Reykjavik will allow you to take a dip in the infamous and naturally heated Blue Lagoon.

You can also take the Golden Circle tour, where you will discover the well known Geysir area and the captivating Gulfoss waterfall, so enchanting that you will be tempted to fill your camera memory in an instant. With much of Iceland free for over a millennium from human settlement, the country’s nature is to die for. Of course, you are not to miss the unbelievable Aurora Borealis, where the Northern Lights shimmer and fascinate curious travelers each year.

It is a sight that awe inspires even the most season traveler. Iceland is a destination that is interesting, exclusive and truly unique from the rest. It caters for all types: from romantic breaks through to family adventure holidays and self drives. Your Iceland holiday awaits!

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