Anyone who has had the delight of visiting before will understand Italy’s continuous praise for iconic landmarks, impressive traditions and world renowned cuisine.  With so many distinct cities, it is a complete understatement to suggest that it has a lot to offer. The fashion capital Milan, Epic Rome and the magical Venice are just a handful of destinations iconic and famous in their own right.

It is no wonder then, that the Italians passion for life runs deeper than many others. Fortunately, its natural landscapes are not overlooked and continue the magnitude of Italian active holiday substance. The dramatic Alps sit in the North western hemisphere, with the area known as the Godfather of skiing destinations (pardon the pun). Continue to the south and evocative mountain ranges follow you all the way there.

Enchanted forests and traditional villages drenched in culture and history are in abundance. Hiking and biking across these landscapes is a great way to fully appreciate Italy’s natural beauty. Each hiking or cycling route will astound you with its deep aesthetic qualities. From the rolling hills of Tuscany through to the stunning Amalfi coast this is a food, wine and nature lovers dream.

On top of this Italy is a country of Lakes; Lake Garda being the most iconic. Rafting, kayaking or canoeing through these magnificent waters are a particular highlight to any active holiday in Italy. In summary once you have discovered Italy, you will realize that ‘that once’ simply wasn’t enough.

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