With so much iconography and beauty enveloped within Jordan, it is no wonder that travelers seek out adventure and relaxation here. Petra is the unique city that may be familiar to you from Hollywood’s adventure triumph, the Indiana Jones film trilogy.

About half the city is cut and formatted from sand colored rock, adding to the ancient splendor and fascination regarding the middle Eastern location. This makes for a true adventure holiday just like Indiana Jones himself. Wind down its gorges and discover the hidden treasures awaiting you through its mysterious passages.

To reach the city of Petra is a diamond journey in itself. With acres of majestic desert at Wadi Rum, an overnight camping trip is advised for all different types of Jordan travelers as it is truly a once in a lifetime experience.  As if Jordan did not already have more than enough to entice its tourists, the strategic location next to the Dead sea means you can float your way to relaxation under the beaming sun.

Top this all off with interesting cultures, friendly locals and captivating scenery, you’ll be crazy to not hike in Lawrence of Arabia’s footsteps. Be prepared to experience the rich, diverse character of Jordan and blend fun activities and ultimate relaxation in one fine holiday.

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