October half term family activity holiday

By Barisa

You are welcome to join our family multi activity week adventures this October half term in Croatia. Escape the gloom & rain. Visit us in Croatia.

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When the autumn cold nights start to close in, there is no better time to flee the dark grey skies and enjoy some late summer sunshine. 

Carefully design your own October half term holiday in Croatia. Keep the most restless teenager entertained. From island hopping to Ziplining, we’ll keep pulses thumping and the imagination racing. Discover the countries best National Parks like Krka & Plitvice lakes without the hordes of people.

The October half term also offers great savings. October is seen as an off peak month. So travelling during half term should be cheaper. It’s definitely a Top Tip to save money on a family activity holiday in Europe.

With milder temperatures, often hiking, climbing and cycling are the preferred sports. Water sports can be too cold and the rivers might be too high. But even if watersports are off the table, there still is a huge variety of things to enjoy on land.

Wine tours

When it comes to wine Croatia is a sleeping giant among the big names of the wine world. 

However, it may surprise you that Croatia has 130 native wine grapes. One at least with your name on it. Croatia has 4 main wine regions. They spread from the Adriatic Sea to the outer hinterlands. As our family multi activity holidays are based in Dalmatia I’ll proceed to tell you about the wine in this region. Our priority is of course, your state of well being!

One of the most famous red wines is Plavac Mali. This wine is a relative to a more well known wine called Zinfandel. In Italy it is known as Primitivo. Another excellent red wine to try is Babić. Flavourful, bold and seductive, but more about myself later. If you prefer white wine, then try our native variety called Pošip. The posip grape comes from the gorgeous Croatian island of Korčula. The birth place of Marco Polo. The best Rosé is produced by a small family estate close to the town of Sinj. The Krolo Estate produce excellent Reds & Whites, but it is their Rosé that stands our taste buds to attention. The Krolo family offer exceptional hospitality, so don’t hesitate to arrange a private visit & tasting. 

Standup paddle boarding

Standup paddle boarding is the world’s fastest growing sport. We offer this fabulous water sports activity on our Brac island adventure week for families.

Croatia is the perfect place to try SUP boarding. 98% of our coastlines are awarded Blue Flag status. We have some of the cleanest sea waters in the World, perfect to play and explore. In October, the water will be fresher so wetsuits will be provided. If we find that the waters are too choppy, we can always paddle on the Cetina River. We usually start the Standup paddling tour in the pirate city of Omiš. The route runs 6km upstream. It’s easy and relaxing and its a great way to immerse yourself in nature. During the October Half term holidays, we can arrange a combination tour. Visiting Trogir on foot, then switching to paddle boards.

The best Zip Lining in Croatia

The local zip lining course is one of those experiences you’ll never forget. Running daily, it’s extremely easy to book independently. Visit Zip Line Croatia for more information.

As well as being a thrilling experience, the setting is truly spectacular. The Cetina canyon is jaw droppingly beautiful. Teenagers would say ‘epic’. The views and perspectives from the Zip-lines are simply unrivalled. So how to get involved? Well the office of the zip line is located in Omiš. From there you will be transferred to the start point. Before you begin, you will go to the testing area where the agency has a mini zip line. Here you test your skills and the guides will explain the procedures of how to behave on the wire. There are 8 lines in total and the total length is 2100m. That’s over 2km of zip-wiring fun and sensational views. The first line is 750 metres long. You’ll be hanging 150m above the river and the forest. Once you decide to go, fear will be replaced by loud screams. We hope they are ‘happy screams’. If you are considering an active family holiday during the October half term, then add this to the agenda. The Zipline Trip Advisor page has lots of reviews.

Zip line tour experience in Croatia
Zip line Croatia

Split cooking classes

Food and wine can be enjoyed at any time.

Travel is more than going places, it is about getting to know the location and getting to know how people live on a daily basis. This is a hugely important factor to Green World Holidays. Our family adventures are 100% authentic, so you truly feel the country you are visit.

There is no greater way, than through the medium of food and drink to gain a deeper insight to a local culture. In my humble opinion of course. If you agree, then you must try a culinary course while you are in Croatia. These cooking classes let you hear the local stories and try the famous local recipes. A recommended experience for foodies is with Split Culinary

The same agency, also offers local walks in and around Split. See how the locals avoid big supermarkets and where to buy fresh fish & vegetables. If coming to Split, then head to the Peškarija fish market or the Pazar market. 

Games of Thrones tour

After 8 seasons of this legendry TV series and millions of fans gained; location tours are now hugely popular. Croatia was one of the main locations where they filmed and we are proud to show you the film locations. As well as Game of Throne facts you will also learn a lot about the local history. So something for everybody. We would start our tour in Diocletian’s Palace, the UNESCO world heritage site. We will show you the basements of the Palace where Daenerys Targaryen kept her dragons. You will also visit the street where the slaves started the rebellion. After the walking tour of Split, we will drive to Klis Fortress. This was the location of the ‘city of Meereen’. More about Games of Throne tours can be viewed here.

Krka National Park

Krka National Park is one of the most famous parks in Croatia

It is a popular spot to escape into gorgeous natural surrounds. A mini paradise where you can recharge your senses. The Krka river flows through the park and guests can swim in the water.From Split it takes approximately 1.5 hours of driving, the route is scenic and very enjoyable. We also recommend stopping en-route to Šibenik. This gorgeous town is located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. It is most famous for its amazing fortresses, that stands high above the city. It is also famous for its UNESCO protected St. Jacobs Cathedral. Here you can lose yourselves in the narrow streets, shop or let the world flow by. Onwards to Krka Park, visit nearby watermills and stop at ecological museums. Hike, swim, shop. Not a bad day out for October! See the official Krka Park website for more details.

Island hopping boat tours

If you are doing a family active vacation in Croatia, then consider an island hoping experience. Croatia has over 1244 islands, all unique to each other. In October for half term multi adventure holidays, we can visit 5 in one day. Along the way we’ll visit the famous Blue Lagoon, Blue cave and the most famous bays of the region. Visit the Island’s of Vis, to see  Stiniva Bay. Often voted best coastal spot in Europe. Next stop is an uninhabited island called Budikovac. It is a hiiden gem and ideal for snorkelling. After that, we sail onwards to the Pakleni archipelago, then to Hvar. Hvar is officially the sunniest place in Croatia. Climb to the fortress above the town, explore the streets and have lunch in one out of many excellent restaurants. For longer stays on Hvar, then consider this popular adventure.

Sea kayak Trogir city walls

Sea kayaking is always fun but when you find yourself in Croatia it just gets better. Trogir is one of the most amazing towns to explore by sea. Before we start you will of course meet with the kayak instructors and they will give you equipment and induction. During this trip you will have a nice view of the Marjan peninsula and the pretty island of Čiovo. Once we get closer to Trogir you will notice numerous church bell towers but also the impressive city walls. We will paddle around the town and stop in front of a fortress called Kamerlengo. It’s possible to experience this tour during our Trogir Family Croatia activity week.

Sea kayaking Trogir in Croatia
Sea kayaking in Trogir (Croatia)

Olive picking

Croatia is a country that has a typical Mediterranean climate ideal for wine and olive production. Olives are very important to many Croatian people both culturally and economically. From mid-October through to November it is possible to take part in olive picking, so perfect for the half term holiday itinerary. If you want to experience the entire process, then head to the gorgeous island of Brac. Participate in olive picking on a family estate where you will be joined with other local pickers. Brac island is a destination that you just have to visit. Pristine and untouched by mass tourism. It was voted best family adventure destination in Europe 3 times in the last 10 years, by various British & American magazines. Read more about Olives on Brac island here.

Plitvice Lakes National Park from Split

Popular for October half term holidays, is to visit one of the world’s natural wonders. The gorgeous national park of Plitvice Lakes

From Split, it takes 3 hours each way. Yes, it’s a long drive but definitely worth it. The walking duration is 4 hours, so above moderate fitness levels will be required. From woody trails to twelve mesmerizing lakes, its one of the most enchanting places on earth. Filmed in countless amounts of Hollywood fantasy films. Watch the waters change colour from gorgeous turquoise blues to vivid greens. You’ll also find the tallest waterfall in Croatia. 78 metres high. Read what people say on Trip Advisor.

Day trip to Mostar

While staying in Split it’s also possible to visit one of our neighbouring countries, Bosnia and Herzegovina very easily. A day trip from Split can take you to this gorgeous country that is still under the radar. One of the most famous towns in this area is the beautiful city of Mostar. Mostar is a genuine melting pot of cultures and a living monument. A place where the east meets west and where different nationalities live side by side. Visit the most famous landmark in Mostar, the Old Bridge. If you are lucky you may see some of the famous bridge jumpers. For more fascinating insights, read about Mostar on Wiki.

Kravice waterfalls

In October, we would highly recommend seeing the waterfalls of Kravice. Kravice is a little paradise still hidden from the world. Here you can jump in the water and enjoy the crystal clear waters. If you like exploring new things, immersing yourself in nature and culture then Kravice is another worthy day tour. Often combined with visiting Mostar.