Teenager active holidays with parents

By Jelena T

Experience our teenager activity holidays this summer as a family in Croatia and Slovenia. Enjoy water sports with other active families.

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The secret to a smiling teenager

It’s frustrating to see our children so imprisoned by technology. The endless swipe and type. Headphones and ears, tablets and fingers melded as one. Teenagers oblivious to our presence unless Nando’s is name dropped for dinner. The revolving roundabout of digital life is dizzying.

Reconnect in Nature on a family and teenager active holiday in Croatia or Slovenia
Bye bye x-box. Hello x-factor.

So when summer comes knocking, it’s time to unplug; and un-plug as a family. 

There is no shortages of family activity holidays in Europe, but two destinations that are leading the way are Croatia and Slovenia.

Croatia is one of those idyllic destinations with pristine blue coastlines, spectacular mountains & turquoise canyons. The country’s diverse terrain provides the perfect playground for teenager adventure holidays. If teenagers want to be challenged, they can enjoy many active experiences. From canyons & ziplines to river rafting & tubing. 

River kayaking on white waters and waterfalls
Thrills & Spills with like-minded teens and parents.

Slovenia too, is another picturesque country. It’s Green beauty shines through in every aspect of life.

From rolling hills & rustic villages to its roaring waterfalls and gushing rivers.

The combination of enjoying thrilling activities in Slovenia seems endless. Parents travelling with teenagers on holiday, really find that perfect balance here.

Our family adventure holidays in Croatia and Slovenia really do enhance the family bond. Sharing these wild & authentic experiences are life affirming. Parents rave about their time with us. Independent reviews on Trust Pilot can be read or head to our Facebook Reviews.

Nature will always win against technology. Our best cameras are in our minds not in our phones. Join us this summer, and see how amazing our teenager activity holidays are for real!

white water rafting families in Europe on active vacations in Croatia and Slovenia
Splash-tastic fun.
family active holidays for parents with teenagers
Start your family story with us this summer. Croatia & Slovenia await.

From our 20 years of experience, we can honestly say that teenagers aren’t so tricky on active family holidays.

Teens always gravitate to our guides and love our tour leader’s. This automatically takes the pressure off Mum and Dad, who don’t have to be the rule bearers. Children and teenagers listen to our guides, even when it gets challenging. Over breakfast, lunch and dinner you’ll be able to share stories together and feel a sense of family connection.

For more information don’t hesitate to contact our experienced team today and we can help advise which trip will suit your family best and we can also advise on age and gender matching possibilities. We look forward to hearing from you.


Croatia family adventure week - Limited places !
Slovenia family adventure week - Limited places !