Teenager friendly holidays!

Over the years Green World Holidays has become some what of an expert in arranging and developing holidays for families with teenagers!

The Teenage years are always going to be tricky to satisfy everyone in the family dynamic BUT we feel pretty confident that our teenager friendly activity holidays cover just about all basis.

Of course we need fun and exciting activities suitable for the whole family. Experienced and personable guides. Great food. Nice wine and quality accommodation. Our programs certainly deliver on all those areas. We can even cater well these days for families who may have one or two members who lets say prefer to relax rather than exert themselves during their precious holiday time!

Hotels with nice pools, spas, secluded beeches are all available to our families.

We pride ourselves on offering a nice range of programs to cover different family requirements. For example some of our programs are ideal for bringing like minded and similar aged teenage families together; whereas other programs are more suitable for the independent families amongst you.

The best thing to do is call us. We love to engage with our clients and you will see from our 5 star reviews on google, facebook etc… we do listen and we do deliver on our promises!!!

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