Teens and Screens

Ever wonder what your teenager is giggling at as she swipes and types away on her phone for what seems an eternity?

Or what your son is so hypnotised by with his headphones glued so tightly to his ears that he hasn’t noticed his fingers and tablet have melded into one unit? Barely looking up, they are most likely oblivious to your existence during these moments. Well, apart from when they ask if dinner is ready.

Don’t get me wrong, parents are no strangers to the world of constant email checking, status updates, Pinterest pinning, group texts, Netflix binging, after work pings, dings and rings. The list goes on. Everything is at our fingertips and that can be great, but let’s face it – it’s time to unplug; and ideally un-plug as a family.

Canyoning family tours

With the cold wintry days behind us (let’s hope!) and the sun beckoning us to come out and play, it’s time we put aside our gadgets and reconnect with each other. Good ol’ face-to-face human contact and one of the best ways to do this is to explore nature’s very own playground.

There is no shortage of family activity holidays in Europe but finding a place that offers exciting adventures in a beautiful setting is important.

Croatia is one of those ideal places with its rustic coastline, spectacular mountains & turquoise waters. The country’s diverse terrain provides the perfect platform for adventure holidays for teenagers as well as the teen spirit in all of us.

Green World Holiday’s Croatia Family Adventure holiday programs offer a host of fun activities – from sea kayaking, rafting, climbing, tubing to zip lining and even island hopping; and if you or your teenager is up for a challenge you can try activities like canyoning which will bring out that inner competitive nature. Then there’s the activity of sitting back, slowing down and taking in the stunning scenery that surrounds you. You’re spoilt for choice here.

Slovenia is another one of those picturesque places where one will be so intoxicated by it’s sheer natural beauty, you’ll forget you even owned a phone. Known for it’s majestic mountains and vibrant green lakes and rivers as well as its lively culture, the possibilities of thrilling activities in Slovenia are endless.

Our Slovenia Family Adventure provides just that; incredibly fun experiences and challenges; your children won’t want to leave and neither will you. You’ll think you’ve stepped into a fairy tale land and actually you have – it’s called Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. But instead of slaying dragons, you’ll be Stand Up Paddle boarding or kayaking on the river – way more impressive.

SUP boarding family tours slovenia

It is precisely these types of family adventure holidays in Croatia and Slovenia that enhance your bond as a family and allow you to relish in the gift of nature. Where spontaneous moments and enjoying each other’s company becomes natural once again

This time, when you see your teenager giggle, it’s because they’ve just been drenched by white water and when your son has that hypnotised look again, it’s because of the mesmerising beauty of the cascading waterfall not his ipad. Whatever that magic moment is; we are sure nature will beat technology; after all the best cameras are in our minds not in our phones.

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