Multi Active Winter

Winter Multi Activity holidays offer travelers opportunities to try out experiences which can truly be classed as once in a lifetime. For families travelling on a winter multi activity vacation we offer the chance to travel to Lapland during the festive period to meet Father Christmas himself! Children will also get the opportunity to see reindeers and to try out husky sledding.

For adult travelers multi active winter holidays also have a huge amount to offer. Wilderness experiences allow for a true isolation experience. This could be through snowmobiling or on longer 3-7 day husky safaris. Snow shoeing is also a novel way to make your way across the Icelandic snow.

A sight that has to be seen to be believed is that of the aurora borealis or the northern lights, these incredible nighttime shows are caused by magnetic fields. We can offer the chance to see the northern lights from an igloo or a hot tub, truly an out of this world experience. Our winter multi activity breaks  do not offer a standard holiday experience they offer so much more the chance to go on a true adventure that will never be forgotten.

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