Wilderness breaks offer a fantastic opportunity to escape the constraints of the modern world and embark on a true adventure. Scandinavian husky holidays provide a truly serene experience, as you slide through the snow it will feel as though you are in complete isolation. The barking of the dogs and the sound of the sled on the snow provide the only soundtrack to the journey. Cross country skiing in Finland provides a similar wilderness experience, with thousands of kilometers of track this is a great opportunity for an arctic adventure. A less well known activity that our company offers is that of snow-shoeing, snow shoes allow you to trek easily through thick snow. You will therefore be able to trek into the Icelandic wilderness, and experience the beautiful volcanic scenery in an unorthodox but fun fashion. If it is a warmer wilderness adventure that you are looking for then perhaps a morocco trekking trip will be for you. Trekking the Sahara is a challenging experience due to the immense heat and altitude, however it can also be immensely rewarding for hikers due feeling of accomplishment and fantastic views on offer on a morocco trek. Wilderness holidays are fantastic for those with a true sense of adventure, who wish to explore some of the world’s most beautiful and tranquil scenery.

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