When the tour leader reviews the guests!

It is quite normal and common to read about the adventures that people have experienced as guests but now you will read about it from another perspective; a family activity holiday tour leaders perspective. So stay with me and read what happens when a tour leader ´reviews´ the guests.

When it comes to describing a complex relationship between parents and kids  (especially teenage kids ), the best way to describe it would be “a constant struggle“. Making your kids happy while trying to be a parent and a friend at the same is no mean feat; especially while trying to find some quality time for yourself.

Perhaps all of that sounds  like great material for some science-fiction movie but it is possible. Really, it is possible and it is something that Green World Holidays hopes and continues to achieve . This is the reason why I love my job. Spending quality time with nice people and helping them relax in one of the most beautiful parts of my home country Croatia.

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The contrasting look on peoples faces upon their arrival and departure is the reason why we do this job. When guests arrive you can still feel they are all stressed out from their jobs back home and a bit anxious about the ‘adventure holiday’ they will be spending with their teenagers. Will they like the activities, are they going to make some new friendships, can they all hang out together and still have a great time???

Everything is possible, so is this. It sounds like a perfect vacation, and it is. This program is the ideal combination of fun natural adventures where you can bond with the kids and in the same time ignore them in equal measure; so you can rest from each other ( let´s be honest, you know it´s true!).

As much as you want to spend most of the time with your teenage kids you know  it´s not possible, they need time for themselves and so do you (many parents site the adult only visit to the local vineyard as one of their favourite moments

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As the week goes by that stress and anxiety from the beginning of the week is replaced smiles & laughter. During the entire week our job is to have fun and to make sure you go back home with a smile. I will quote Sandy, one of our many happy and satisfied guests: ´´The company representatives were amazing.  They were enthusiastic without being artificial and it was clear that they really did enjoy their jobs.  They were helpful and kind.´´

Everything comes to that, making sure you go back home happy and us knowing you had a great time, and your kids remembering this vacation and going home with new friends and a great experience that they shared with you.

You can be sure that this holiday will be a great memory for all of you, and something that you will mention quite often on your family gatherings. The hardest part of this family adventure holiday is saying goodbye.

But you are always welcome back and you will always have that place where memories were made.

Best Wishes
Bariša Pandža
Senior Tour Leader – Croatia


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