What to pack for a family activity holiday

Since 1999, we’ve been showing like-minded families our favourite spots in Croatia and Slovenia. This article is to help you prepare for a summer family multi activity holiday with the Green Team.

What should i pack for an active family holiday?
Firstly, its good to know that there is nothing expensive or technical to purchase for your trip. Packing for a family activity holiday in Croatia and Slovenia is straight forward. Swim shorts, sweat t-shirts, casual wear, sun shades, hats, beach towel, suncream etc.

kuna croatia
Kuna is used in Croatia.

Slovenia uses EUROS. Croatia uses KUNA. Families will need to ‘order’ KUNA in-advance from the Post Office or similar Travel Exchange bureau’s. 

ATM machines
There are ATM machines situated near to all our adventure locations in Croatia & Slovenia. Do remember, that often ATM withdrawals are limited to 200 Euros (Slovenia) or 2000 Kunas (Croatia) per day. So plan ahead, think about your family per day spend. 

Opional tours
Various optional day tours will be offered during your stay. These will be ‘cash only’ payments.

Credit cards
Using your credit cards in Slovenian or Croatian cities is very normal and widely accepted. If going to remote or countryside areas, bring cash.

toes on beach

Clothes washing facilities
There are inexpensive & convenient washing machine facilties locally. So families can certainly consider reducing their travel lugguage, in favour of washing-on-the-go! 

Foot wear
Trainers with a good grip are essential for all family adventure holidays. We also recommend to bring light weight water shoes, that protect your toes. These can be used for various activities, whether exploring a pebble beach or SUP Boarding.

look after your skin

Skin care
Bring sun cream and aftersun lotion. Although not compulsory we recommend organic suncream which is bio-degradable. Nature is our playground and every little effort makes a difference.

UV protection t-shirts, vests and tops are highly recommended, especially for water sport activities. Not only offering sun protection, but you will use less suncream.

Insects, stings & bites
We always recommend to families to bring bite relief cream and a few useful first aid essentials – like plasters & painkillers.

Mosquito bands and insect repellant are needed in Croatia. Mosquito plugs might be useful, remember they must have a European adapter.

reduce your plastic waste
Recycle and reduce plastic waste

Drinking water
Tap water in Slovenia & Croatia is clean. To reduce your plastic footprint, we encourage you to bring a metal re-usuable flask. Since Green World Holidays was created our team has championed recycling efforts. One company initiative was giving our staff metal drinking flasks, to reduce plastic waste from water bottles. We hope our guests will do the same.


Being Greener
Do take the time to read our Responsible Tourism blog page. We give many usuable examples how to live, work and travel greener. You can also read about our charity contributions and how your holiday makes a difference.
Follow the link:

Swim & beach wear
Swimming costumes and shorts will be needed for water based activities. For some activities wet suites, life jackets & helmets will be provided. Swim wear will be worn underneath.

Each family member should have their own big beach towel. These are great for protecting your modesty when getting changed and of course for your own relax days. 

sunshine and sunset

Sunshine means hats, sun shades and sun cream. Hydrate as much as you can & use Aftersun Lotion at night.

Our guides will have dry bags. If you require our guides to carry your medicine, please just ask. If you are not feeling well at any point, please tell a staff member.

As per our terms & Conditions you are expected to have the right travel & activity insurance. To check onto the trip on arrival, you’ll need to hand over your insurance & passport details. Any rafting, tubing or river kayaking is Graded 1-3.

Some families are appropriately insured through their bank or business – but might not have a particular certificate to show as proof. That is absolutely fine. Simply hand write the following details: Name of insurer. Your reference number. Emergency number to activate the insurance.

Relax and enjoy your family adventure holiday in Slovenia & Croatia

Holiday information pack
Between 2 and 3 weeks prior to your departure we’ll be e-mailing your ‘Holiday Information Pack’. This has all your essential information and your local emergency contacts.

When on holiday with us, please consider doing the #Take10 challenge. This green concept is very simple, created to encourage people to pickup rubbish. If you see litter on the ground, help by picking it up. Do this 10x during your stay, or even challenge yourself to do it 10x per day.

Read more about our Sustainable policies here:

Smiles – are the most important thing to bring with you. Our family active holidays are a lot of fun and we encourage people to be fun, flexible, positive and social. When you can along the way, consider & help others, think about the environment and share your smile.

family activity holiday group

This blog article, will help you prepare and plan for your family adventure holiday this summer. However, please call your 1-1 manager to ask any more indepth questions.

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