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Keeping Earth green has never been as important and relevant as it is today. We are all part of the problem and we can all be part of the solutions.

Since Rachel Stone founded Green World Holidays in 1999, Responsible Tourism has been at the heart of the adventures we offer to our family guests.

“Sustaining and bettering the livelihood of our communities we operate in, is at the forefront of all our company’s decisions. The future generations deserve to enjoy the same life-affirming adventures as you have experienced. Every one of us has a responsibility towards making a ‘greener’ future!”
– Rachel Stone, quoted in The Sunday Times


What is responsible travel?

Responsible travel is travelling in a way that it benefits the country and environment you are visiting. Responsible travel should be sustainable, so that green initiatives are repeated with fluidity. Travelling in a responsible manner, means improving the welfare and livelihoods of local communities. To respect wildlife, ecosystems and cultural diversity. Ultimately, the concept of Responsible tourism is to make a positive impact as you travel. This article suggests ways in which we can all make a change in our travel habits for the better.

responsible travel
Responsible Travel Infographic

We give back

Green World Holidays gives back to local communities, supports conservation initiatives, donates on behalf of its guests and employs local staff.

All the restaurants & accommodation’s we co-operate with are family owned and run. This is very important, so we see the economic cycle being empowered from grassroot level upwards.

98% of the guides, tour leader’s and drivers that Green World Holidays employ are from the local area our families are visiting. The remaining 2% of our team are travel professionals, that share the same vision, of sustainable tourism.

2 week family adventure holiday in Croatia

Authentic experiences

Our families ‘are not just’ supporting the local economy by being there but they are also face to face with the true culture of the destination. And we believe, that is what travel should be about.

Life & travel is about authenticity. It’s not about the fake reality of social media & a perfectly sculptured Insta page.

#Take10 challenge

Green World Holidays are proud supporters of the #Take10 challenge!

TAKE 10 is an initiative that has been started here in Split and has since gone international. The concept is simple – when you are out for a walk, take 10 pieces of rubbish, or take 10 minutes to clean up an area.

Green World Holidays challenges all of its guests, to pick up at least 10 pieces of litter during their stay.

If you see something on the ground, that should be recycled or can at least be put in a bin – please do it. Please be part of the #Take10 challenge during your stay with us. Share the challenge to your Facebook friends.

“Croatia and Slovenia have been ranked to have some of the cleanest waters in Europe. So why wouldn’t we want to keep it that way by doing our part?”

#Take10 challenge

Carbon emissions

Cars & planes produce CO2, which is a type of greenhouse gas that raises global temperatures. If you want to give back, there are many carbon offsetting projects and charities. Our partners of choice is:

Good to know: for every Green World Holidays booking, we donate £25.00 per family to the Cool Earth charity.


Start at home & work

We ask our families to consider being more ‘Green’ prior to their family activity holiday. We also circulate this reminder list to all Green World Holidays staff every quarter, via e-mail and WhatsApp. Good to know: We are proud to say, that since 2016 – all our staff in the Slovenian, Croatia and UK offices, walk or cycle to work.

  1. Reduce your vampire power. Unplug your electrical appliances.
  2. Turn off the stop tap, for your water main.
  3. Suspend any deliveries, like newspapers.
  4. Empty your fridge and turn it off.
  5. Switch to paperless online billing.
  6. Install energy efficient windows.
  7. Turn down the thermostat.
  8. Lower the washing machine temperature.
  9. Improve home insulation. Use solar power.
  10. Never use flushable wipes, they don’t degrade.
  11. Stop using plastic straws.
  12. Improve your Recycle habits. We can all do better.
  13. Talk about Green issues with the family and friends.
  14. Post Green tips on social media.
  15. Push our MPs to do more.
  16. Do you need to drive? Can you walk or cycle?
Ways to recycle and use less plastic
Live Green, Work Green, Travel Green

Leave no prints

Waste management in general is handled very poorly, so we have to be conscious about our daily actions.

Below we are making some suggestions:

  • Give up plastic bags. On average a Danish person uses 4 x single use plastic bags per year. Let’s take a leaf from their good example!
  • Skip straws. Do you really need it?! Get in the habit of ordering drinks and saying ‘no straws’. The habit has to start somewhere.
  • Pass on plastic bottles. Invest in a refillable water bottle. All Green World Holidays tour leaders, use metal refillable flasks.
  • Try to avoid plastic packaging. Example – buy a bar of soap instead of liquid bottles. Every little eco warrior helps, so join the green brigade.
  • Recycle what you can. Try to make small improvements every month. Make it a family challenge.
  • Don’t litter. Be conscious of how you consume and dispose. Can you hold your litter, until you find an recycle bin? Just put it in your rucksack.
  • Pick up litter. If you see something on the floor, why not help out. We certainly encourage this during your stay in Croatia and Slovenia. Our tour leaders will gladly store any plastic or paper litter in their dry bags if found on the beaches or rivers. #Take10 challenge
  • Share your Eco-ways on Social media. This is something to truly be proud of! Tell your friends how to reduce plastic waste. Subscribe to:
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Let’s talk about it

We really encourage all our guests to educate their family and friends. Empower people with knowledge. Teach them to travel and live green.

Only by creating conversation, can we start to change people’s attitudes and habits. We hope that ethical travel will become the norm.

Everyone wants to help the planet; we just need to re-set our routines and become more pro-active.

Ask other families how they recycle, get great ideas. Ask how each other’s schools get involved with ‘green’ initiatives.

Will you all join our #Take10 challenge! Who’s the greenest in your family?!  Lead the way to a better greener future for your family!

Family tours to Krka National park

Think Green abroad

  • Don’t leave lights on in your hotel room or apartment.
  • Re-use your towels.
  • Rent a hybrid car or choose a smaller car.
  • Share: books, sun cream, mosquito repellent.
  • Turn off Air conditioning when not using it.
  • Bio-degradable sun cream.
  • Use public transportation.
  • Re-cycle your plastic.
  • Use a Re-usable water bottle.
  • Rechargeable batteries are eco-friendlier. We advise to use – Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) rechargeable batteries, as they have a better duration and performance than Nicads. Even better, they don’t contain as many toxic heavy metals. Reduce your carbon footprint even further, by investing in a solar charger to recharge your batteries.
  • Travel e-SMART – forget about paper – unless no choice. Replace postcards with email or WhatsApp and ask for invoices to be emailed instead of printed.
  • Act local – buy in street markets or shops instead of malls.


Wildlife Activities

Many families have wild dreams of riding elephants, swimming with dolphins and taking selfies with tigers.

However, more than often these activities do more harm than good. Wildlife tourism is a big business. That means profit first, not wildlife.

Green World Holidays kindly asks guests not to book any non-regulated Dolphin watching tours in Croatia.

Good to know:for every Green World Holidays booking, we donate £10.00 per person to the Green Sail charity. This is a fantastic charity that has created various initiatives to protect and promote recycling and sustainable tourism along coastal communities.

Click to discover more:

sea kayaking family activity holidays croatia

APPs we like

Most of our family’s joining us in Croatia and Slovenia re-cycle to a moderate to high standard.

But many of our families do not know whether they are shopping and investing their money with sustainable companies.

Yes, there are buzz words on packaging like – ‘sustainably-sourced ‘or ‘free-trade’ – but is that the real reality, or is it a trick of big business?

Green World Holidays would like to recommend two APPs, so our families can uncover what they’re truly supporting when spending at the supermarket.

Launched in 2013, Ethical Barcode APP considers the environmental, ethical and social impact of most products in your kitchen.

Ethical Barcode APP will provide you with a statistical breakdown of categories ranging from employee welfare to company’s environmental policy.

We like the APP, as the information is sourced from 20 different Non-Profits and hundreds more external sources.

Find out more here:

Green World Holidays also recommends the ‘Buycott App’

Simply by using the phone’s camera and the products bar-code, this eco-friendly APP will inform you about the companies that are behind the product. Then within the APP, you can create your own Eco-agenda to help you ‘buy’ or to ‘avoid’.

Seeing big companies all laid out with the dots connecting them back to one another, shows you just how small the corporate business world really is.

It’s an eye-opening APP and we encourage our families to further educate themselves, to help improve the planet.

Find out more here:

Green World Hug
We hope you join the Green Team #Take10

Living is giving

“Life is about creating amazing memories, having fun & helping others along the way. Thank you for joining the Green World holidays team.”

Yours sincerely

Rachel Stone


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