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Adventure or chill

By Sara D

This article discusses the difference between adventure holidays and chill out weeks for families. All inclusive or water sports holiday?

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This is heaven right ?!!

Who doesn’t love looking up from a book to gaze at the sea’s horizon?! Toes grazing in the soft sand, sipping on a refreshingly cold drink. Your eyes heavy. Not sure whether to snooze or get lost once again in your gripping novel. Pages turn, waves crash, the hint of reggae music in the background. Ahh Bliss…

But wait a minute! That was all before we had kids!

family active vacation in Croatia. Trying land and water sports. kids and teenagers welcome.
The ultimate way to connect with your children.

Making your kids happy while trying to be a parent and a friend at the same is no mean feat; especially while trying to find some quality time for yourself.

So is there such a thing as the perfect holiday for the whole family? Or are we dealing in the realms of science-fiction?

Actually, the answer is yes. The proof is in the reviews you can read on-line. These are all written independently by parents who were in the same shoes as you are in right now. Visit Trust Pilot or Facebook Reviews.

Boat tour for families
Designed for families. Children can meet their own age group and parents can actually relax. Just read independent reviews and see why to join us.

At the very heart of our efforts, is always to create an environment where like-minded families come together. Our family multi adventure sport holidays offer all the right ingredients. To enjoy active experiences in stunning natural environments. 

3 magic words will deliver the summer magic.

1: Family
2: Activity
3: Holiday

Active family adventure holidays in Europe. Sustainable and eco friendly.
Create your family story and join our adventure this summer. Limited places, so early bookings advised.

It’s time to connect with your kids, without the bargain chips of fast food, x-box time and shopping money.

There’s a genuine power, in being able to share and relive ‘amazing’ stories at the end of each day with your children. Doing the activities with our children, is way better than playing parent on the side-lines of a raining playing field. Certainly better than playing the role of taxi driver. 

A great aspect to our teenager family holidays is their sociable settings – allowing families to connect with other like-minded people where kids (and parents) make new friends and forge new relationships.

canyoning, tubing, rafting, kayaking fun for sporty families, wanting to book active holidays in Europe.
Welcome to the smile factory.

With family adventure holidays, you and your kids have the chance to challenge yourselves. To try something new. It’s time to bring out the adventurous side, to instil confidence and boost up the energy levels.

And if you’re wondering to yourself ‘when do I get to relax!?’ – don’t worry. It’s not all non-stop high-octane adventure. This isn’t a boot camp. Families have loads of time to chill. They can also choose to be by themselves. The social factor is always there when you want it, but you can always have private family time.

Lazing on the beach day-in and day-out can be relaxing. But it can never be as multi-faceted as our:

 Croatia family active holidays 
 Slovenia teenager adventures